Run Lola Run – Reaction


Starting off with a fast paced cartoon scene I was easily engaged and as the movie followed with trippy transitions and the quick pace it started off with – I found it easy to follow along and stay focused on what was going on. Out of all the movies we’ve watched so far in this class I’d say Run Lola Run is my favorite, preferably I’ve always gravitated towards cartoonish movies (Spirited Away being my all time favorite, and recently watching The BFG (loved it) haha) and with this humorous action packed movie tying in multiple cartoon scenes, I thought it was pretty cool. My initial reaction  to Lola’s character was her bright red hair and then realizing the colors she wore went throughout the whole film – she was a ride or die girl, let alone GIRLFRIEND. I thought it was totally bad ass that she picked up the gun in the grocery store, without a doubt ready to stand by her lover even though the odds of getting caught were high. She got shit done, and in all three scenarios she really did her best. The first two resulted her being just barely late within the 20 minute time frame she was given. Also noticing the number twenty was repeated throughout the movie as well (betting 20 in black jack, twenty minutes to obtain the money, twenty minutes was how long each scenarios) Overall I think it was a great film – and I wouldn’t have watched it otherwise because I wouldn’t have heard of the movie. Lola and her boyfriend were pretty cute too (in a weird way, plus given it was 1998), and I’m a sucker for cute couples.


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