Run Lola Run

Run Lola Run is a German fast-paced action film directed by Tom Tykwer. Time is of the essences, and as viewers we’re racing the clock with Lola. The film starts with showing the pendulum of a clock swinging back and forth. The camera then enters the mouth if the clock, and we already know that time is going to be important. Lola receives a phone call on her red phone, Manni needs her to get 100,000 German marks and delivery it in 20 minutes. Lola’s head is spinning and through a montage of people in her life she decided on “Papa.” She run out of her room, passes her mom, and continues down the stairs. The shot switches to an animated shot of her running down the stairs. We learn later that this is the pattern that tells us she is starting over to get a better outcome.

Essentially the story is a 20 minute run by Lola, repeated three different time with a slightly different version to the plot, and three different outcomes. The story sets us up to believe that small changes can change the minute by minute outcome of these very intense and important 20 minutes. The film uses crosscutting, split scenes, and montage to create a feeling that every second is important to the story. Each 20-minute segment ends with cutting to a red lit scene of Lola and Manni is a different space, laying side by side in a bed talking about life and love. It’s a soothing contrast to the fast paced story line and adds depth to the relationship between Lola and Manni. In these red scene the outcome of the run is indirectly determine, and when they decide they need a different outcome we’re back in Lola’s bedroom with the initial phone call.

This film uses editing and repetition of scenes in a unique way, when you think you know what is going to happen next the scene takes a slight turn that has major impact on the story line. Run Lola Run is my favorite film we’ve watched so far this semester, mostly because of the unique plot.


2 thoughts on “Run Lola Run

  1. I agree the plot is pretty unique. The fast paced editing matches with the fast paced story. I did not enjoy the movie much maybe because the characters were unlikable to me or it looks like a product of the time. Even though it was not my fave you made it clear on why you like it so much and that is pretty interesting.


  2. TESSEERIKSSON: I really enjoyed reading your review of the film Run Lola Run. There was definitely a very strong theme that focused on time, it kept popping up throughout the whole film, from start to end (they were a little obsessed). I too noticed the use of crosscutting, split screen and montage, it was very effective editing techniques.


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