200 Pound Beauty

200 Pound Beauty is a Korean Romantic comedy made in 2006 and did fairly well in Korea but surprisingly did extremely well in America. It I the story of an overweight kind hearted girl who is a ghost singer for a popular pop star. She is also a sex phone operator but that is more of a side job. After being humiliated by the viscous pop star in front of the man she tries to kill herself. In the middle of it one of her caller’s phone in, the caller is a plastic surgeon and she decides to black mail him into giving her a full body makeover. She is transformed into a stunning slim lady who men go out of the way for. She goes under a new alias to be the ghost singer again. She ends up getting her own brand and becomes a hit. Soon things just get out of control with her secret identity, she turns on her family and friends, and her love interest is still not impressed. Of courses, there are many ups and downs but the tory still ends on a happy note. I find this movie very relatable, interesting and a bit sad. It hurts being surrounded by the media and pressure to look one way or the other. Some people saying being slim is the only way to be beautiful others say men what a “curvy” girl but in most cases, that mean overweight. People are never happy with what they are. This movie shows how plastic surgery and beauty are perceived in Korea. Okay okay so other than feeling personally connected to this movie it is also a good romcom. It looks like an American made movie mainly because they take a lot of influence from the west. The acting is a bit more dramatic but not corny. This staging of the concert scene where impressive with the pyrotechnics and lights. Overall I suggest this movie if you want a light-hearted laugh but to also feel confused on what is pretty and ugly, ethical or not, right and wrong. This review has been all over the place because I am finding it hard to nail down just a few emotions for it. I am not saying it should win an Oscar but it should not be taken at just face value it is more than girl gets the guy. It shows real struggles people have and, the singing in this movie is pretty awesome.


One thought on “200 Pound Beauty

  1. Great job on this post! This makes me really want to watch the movie. I have never heard of it before but it sounds really good! I agree it is definitely crazy some of the standards that are put on people concerning their bodies and appearance. Nice job!


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