Before the Flood

In every generation there is a international issue that requires devote intention and depending on the majority morale of that century, will have a ripple effect on future generations for longer than we know. Today in our society we are faced with a horrific issue that if left untouched will inevitably end humanity and all life as we know it. Now with that dramatic introduction out of the way, I bring your attention to the movie Before the Flood. This documentary(produced and narrated by Leonardo Decaprio) is a journey across the world discussing and informing the public about the issue of Climate Change. This very real and scientific issue is not something that can easily be overcome because it is an issue we have created, an issue our past generations have created.

This movie starts with Leo talking about a painting that he had as a child. In this painting are three different moments in time. Before humanity, during humanity and after humanity. Leo stresses that he does not want the last and terrifying picture to come to pass so he takes the watcher on a full journey to tell them why. First Leo shows the audience the physical evidence of our Earth changing. For example, in Greenland a Climate Change researcher has bee studying the ice for the past 10 years with a long hose that reached approximately 30 feet under the glacier. This scientist explains to Leo that the hose is no longer under the ice because the ice it was in, melted all around it. Thirty feet of ice had melted around this hose in only 5 years. According to Leo and this scientist, this is not a natural or normal experience.

Leo continues on in his documentary to meet leaders from all around the world to discuss their opinions and steps they are moving to take to solve this international crisis. He even speaks at the Paris convention for solving global warming, urging leaders across the globe to take a stand in this battle together. The emotion evoked from the movie commands your attention so you listen and see everything that comes together. Leo is no newbie when it comes to film, and although he isn’t a scientist he used the knowledge he already has to make something that can aid in this lifetime battle.

It’s no secret Climate Change is real anymore, no matter what politicians say the science is there and simple. This movie really expresses that message that obviously got through to me. I find that the best way to review a movie is to see it for oneself, and if this urgent matter doesn’t express the need to see this film I don’t know what will. The cinematography will blow you mind and the content(the real juicy part) will keep you attentive. Truly a great experience to watch and an even more important message behind it all.



One thought on “Before the Flood

  1. Great choice on a blog post and great review! I watch Before the Flood a week after it was released for free. Such a well filmed documentary that highlights the pressing issue of climate change and global warming. I thought when it was so interesting and scary really when they ran out the hose that was under frozen ice just five years ago. What will another ten, twenty years lead to? What was your favorite part of the film?


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