Mamma Mia! Here we go again, my my, not another blog post

For my group presentation on musicals, I focused on the musical Mamma Mia (the title of this post is part of the chorus to the song Mamma Mia).  Mamma Mia is part of the modern 21st century era of musicals and it is more specifically a Jukebox musical, where all the songs are from the artist ABBA.  Growing up (and still to this day), my mom loved musicals and only the ones with happy endings.  So, I’ve watched everything from the Sound of Music, The Music Man, Grease, Hairspray, Mamma Mia at least 50 times (yes I know all the words to the songs).

Though I’ve watched this movie way too many times to be legal, my favorite scene is the one featuring the song “Lay All Your Love on Me.”  Musicals characteristically have this ridiculous element to them and this scene is no exception.  Sophie and Sky are continuing their argument over Sophie inviting her dads without telling Sky when suddenly things start getting heated.  Instead of attacking each other, Sky gets up on a huge rock and burst out in song (half naked of course).  The whole point of the song is to tell Sophie that she doesn’t need to waste her time and energy on finding her dad because all the love she needs is with him.  Rather than just tell her that, they both end up singing and just when things are about to get a bit raunchy, Sky’s bachelor party carries him away.  Since they are on the beach somewhere near Europe, the entire bachelor party comes out in snorkels and speedos then proceeds to dance on the dock.

Mamma Mia is probably one of the more ridiculous musicals my mom likes but it is a very happy movie.  All the songs are very high energy, dance-y and upbeat, indicative of a good time.  Although, having too much of a good time is what created the whole storyline in the first place.  The likelihood of this storyline occurring is very unrealistic but probably even more so because the storyline is written around the ABBA songs.  You’re never going to see 30 guys in speedos dancing like chip and dale dancers outside of your imagination and the stage.  Like any other ridiculous movie (fantasy, scifi, comedies, etc.), they are meant to entertain. So, stop reading into it and sing along (it’s good for you)!



One thought on “Mamma Mia! Here we go again, my my, not another blog post

  1. I agree that musicals are great! I also really enjoy Lay All Your Love on Me, when of the best songs from the musical! Musicals aren’t meant to be realistic but I certainly wouldn’t mind singing and dancing in real life sometimes. Dancing men in speedos is a problem I deal with everyday. #relatable


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