My Name Is Khan

My Name Is Khan is an Indian drama filmed in 2010. A story of a Muslim man that grew up in Mumbai that has a gift for fixing and building machines but at the same time has Asperger syndrome. Moving from home to the USA to study Khan, the protagonist, is enjoying his new life. He finds love with a Hindu woman get married, even though it is forbidden for a Muslim man to marry a woman of different faith, and live happily with his wife and stepson. Everything changed when two air planes flew into the World Trade Center, September 11, 2001. His family is treated with hostility and is threatened. Then his stepson is accidentally killed from a soccer ball to the head that a bully struck him with. Khans wife heartbroken over her son’s death blames him for it. She says that he was killed because he took the husbands last name. she chooses to leave him and he asks what he can do to get her back. She sarcastically tells him if he goes to the president of the USA and say “My name is Khan and I am not a terrorist,” she leaves him. He believes to be with her he has to do this so he sets out to travel the US to find President Bush to tell him he is not a terrorist. He learns many things along the way and helps many people. He does get to say what he wants to say but the response is not what he expected. I will not give away the ending but it is heartfelt and fantastic. I feel this movie is very relevant to the USA right now. People are nervous about what has happened in Europe, migration, and the recent election and what that means for Muslims. This movie tells a story of hardship and being discriminated against. This movie will drag you though ups and downs but it is a beautiful story with such a strong message. Keep in mind this is from India and how they think America is. Is some scenes being spot on but others are obscure and maybe where not well thought out. A lot of the shots had a yellow light to them making them appear bright and almost overexposed. This movie has a small following in the USA, I found out about it from church. I feel from this recent election and all that’s going on in the world everyone could do with watching this movie learning something, and not to be so afraid, it will be okay.


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