I thought the movie Baraka was really interesting. It was definitely a different kind of movie then what I have seen before. All the images were really beautiful and I liked seeing all the different cultures and places around the world. I thought it was going to be really hard for me to focus without dialect in the movie but it was actually easier then I thought. I was trying to find a theme of the movie but it just seemed pretty random to me. Once it was explained that it was about places that were spiritual or had some kind of spiritual significance it made more sense. They showed a lot of different cultures practicing their worship and activities. They showed a group of people from Kenya doing a chant and dance and then showed other people doing things similar. It was an interesting perspective to see all these different cultures so close up and in a very real, day-to-day setting. I enjoyed the film and thought it was cool to see a different kind of documentary then what I usually think of when I think of documentaries.


2 thoughts on “Baraka

  1. Wow, I’m glad to hear you were confused too in the beginning. Unfortunately I only got to see the first hour of the film, so I wouldn’t be able to tell how it ended anyways, but it sure was beautiful. Random gatherings of footage can be awesome too, but I’m glad you did figure out the actual theme of the film.


  2. It was definitely an interesting film. I like how they transitioned each nature scene to a scene of human influence on the natural world, and how every action humans make, there is an equal and opposite harmful consequence to nature. Very powerful film.


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