Bonnie and Clyde

I really enjoyed the movie Bonnie and Clyde. I had heard of the story of the two before but I had never seen the movie. I really liked the movie and liked how they portrayed the characters. They were very complex characters in different ways. Bonnie looked like a typical country girl who you would never expect to break the law but when she meets Clyde you realize how untrue that is. Bonnie is stuck in her town just looking for adventure and for someone to take her away and shake up her world. In some ways she seems like she is even tougher than Clyde is. Clyde is complex in the sense that he seems so tough and plays the part but then has this fear of intimacy. He has insecurities about himself and Bonnie sees that and tries to compliment him to boost his confidence. They are very open about who they are to strangers. People know who they are and they love being famous for breaking the law. In real life people would not applaud them or admire them but in the movie people think of them as celebrities almost. Even after the cops killed them at the end it wasn’t a happy defeat. The killing was very brutal and afterwards the cops just looked at them and it was almost like they didn’t know what to do anymore because their goal for so long was catching Bonnie and Clyde. I thought this movie was really interesting and I liked the complexity of the characters and seeing how they were both kind of crazy but were famous for it.


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