Patterson: Review

The film Patterson focused on a man named Patterson from Patterson New Jersey. Patterson was a bus driver who also wrote daily in his poetry notebook. Everyday he had the same schedule and was happy with his life just the way it was. He would wake up every day and go to work then come home, eat dinner, walk the dog, have a beer, and go to sleep. He would also have pockets of time where he would write his poetry. His girlfriend was quite the opposite of Patterson. While he was very level headed and easy going, she was very vibrant and exotic. She had a new dream everyday that she wished to fulfill. She was very creative and would spend her days decorating the house and herself in black and white. At the end of this film their dog chews Patterson’s notebook and he acts very calm about it but it is evident he is down and feels a little lost. At the end of the film he receives a new notebook and starts to write again.

I enjoyed this film but thought it was a little bit too slow. There didn’t really seem to be much a climax so at times I felt like I was waiting for something to happen but nothing did. In some ways I liked the simplicity of the film and the portrayal of just normal every day life. I liked seeing a realistic view of what a day in the life of a bus driver in a small town might look like. I liked the character contrast between Patterson and his girlfriend. They were so different but seemed to fit perfectly together. I thought it was an interesting coincidence that he met multiple poets throughout the film. He met a little girl after he finished his shift at work in the beginning of the film and then he also met a Japanese man at the end of the film after his book had been torn apart. The man gave him a new book, which to me suggested a fresh start on a new blank page. It was a very light film and I enjoyed watching it.


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