Run Lola Run

I really enjoyed the movie Run Lola Run. It was a really interesting movie and I liked all the different elements in it. I thought the fact that they kept going back and retelling the story in different ways was a really intriguing idea. I also liked the use of the sound effects in the film. It really helped set the mood and added a lot to the scene. I also thought the use of splitting the screen was really cool. I liked being able to see two different things happening at the same time because you usually can’t see that in films. The use of different signals was really good as well. There would be certain things to happen in a scene to show you the scene was about to restart. The plot of the movie was kind of crazy too. It’s crazy how just one little thing can make such a difference. Doing one thing differently changed someone’s whole life. I like how devoted the characters were too each other, especially the female main character. In every scenario she was trying to help him and would do whatever it took to get him out of the hole he was in. There was a lot of death in the movie. The scenes kept ending with the characters dying until they got it right. I also really like the use of animation in the opening scene. I enjoyed this film a lot! I had never seen a movie like this and I really enjoyed it.


2 thoughts on “Run Lola Run

  1. Great Review. I also really enjoyed Run lola Run. I think it was an interesting concept for a film. Like you said “it’s crazy how just one little thing can make such a difference.”


  2. The overall style of the film was very punk, something I thought pushed a lot of boundaries. The use of animation was also one of my favorite concepts, especially that style of animation. Reminded me of childhood with an adult concept, a blend that can satisfy even the most cynical of adults.


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