Sunset Boulevard

Sunset Boulevard was a really good film that I enjoyed a lot. I loved the complexity of the characters and the overall storyline. The main character Joe was a struggling writer who was broke and happened upon Norma’s house one night. She was intrigued by him and thought that he could help her return to her acting fame and make a come back. Joe however was just looking for a way out of the mess he had dug for himself. Throughout the movie you realize how obsessed Norma is with herself. Not only does she have photos of herself throughout the house but she also talks about herself non-stop. Her butler Max is always at her beck and call ready to assist her every need. He informs Joe of how emotionally unstable she is, which included attempts to kill herself. Norma starts to fall for Joe but he is not interested. He has his eye on someone else that he eventually turns away to save her from the wrath and jealousy of Norma. Norma can’t bear to deal with the fact that she will never again regain her fame and she is a face in the past. Everyone tries to protect her feelings but she is no longer going to be famous due to her age and also the fact that movie now had sound where as the films she acted in did not. Nobody ever stands up to Norma or tells her the truth but at the end of the movie Joe cannot take it anymore and tells her the truth and leaves her. She cannot bear to hear and believe the truth or be rejected so she shoots Joe as he is leaving. I enjoyed the storyline of this movie along with the cinematography. The different camera angles and how they switched from shot to shot was really appealing. I liked their use of over the shoulder shots. This movie was so complex and you really felt for all the characters. You could relate to Norma in her fear of being forgotten or becoming irrelevant but you could also relate to Joe in the sense that he was trapped with her and trying to tip toe around her feelings. You also felt for Max when you realize his relation to her being her ex husband and that while he still loved her he just stood back and watched her love another man just to protect her feelings. This was one of my favorite films we have watched in this class.


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