Two Lovers and a Bear: Review

The film Two Lovers and a Bear focuses on a young couple, Lucy and Roman, living in a small town near the North Pole. Early on in the film Lucy tells Roman that she is leaving and moving South. Roman is so upset by this and shuts Lucy out until she forces him to see her and they decide to leave their town together. On this trek headed to the South they face different inner battles and try to conquer them together. At the end of the film they fall asleep in an ice tunnel and neither of them survive.

I really enjoyed this film and the depth that was put into the characters. They both face very serious issues with their families, primarily their fathers. You slowly start to find out things about each of the characters and their past. Lucy is seeing her father everywhere even though he is dead. I liked that you didn’t find that out until the end. The only thing I didn’t really understand in this film was the bear and his roll in the story. He only appeared at random times in the story and talked to Roman. He would give Roman random snippets of advice and he was the only one that could understand him. It didn’t really seem to fit in the story to me. The bear didn’t play a significant part in the story in my opinion. I think that the bear could have made a bigger difference in the story if he would have been more present. If he were on the journey with the couple or more along the story I think it would have been clearer what his role was. Other than the bear I thought the story was really interesting. It really sucked you in and kept you engaged in the story. The depth of the characters made it so intriguing to me. They were so deep and had a lot to them including their past and the baggage they each carried. I liked the ending how when they resolved their personal issues and finally found closure they passed away together. It was a sad ending but also didn’t feel wrong.


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