Dirty Old Wedge

Dirty old Wedge is the story about a man-made monster wave and the lives that it has affected. The Wedge was created in 1936 when the complete of the Newport Harbor rock wall jetty. The rock wall that was put in caught the surf heading into the harbor and funneled into onto the beach (The Wedge). The waves that bounced off the rock wall would combine with a wave coming in and wedge together before breaking onto the shore. This unique break became known as one of the best bodysurfing beaches. Dirty Old Wedge tells the story of the first locals at  Wedge: The Wedge Crew.

A unique factor about this short film is that has a combination of modern cinematography like drones, combined with never before released films dating back since the 50s. The original films are some of the best parts of the movie. A majority of them are from the original Wedge Crew and give a great insight to what the culture was like at The Wedge.

If you have an hour to kill and remotely like the ocean or big waves, I highly suggest this film.  Here are two of my favorite pictures I’ve taken at The Wedge


goldflairs.jpg glasswall.jpg


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