Run Lola Run

Run Lola Run is an interesting movie that I really enjoyed. The movie is broken up into three runs. The three runs are different timelines or possible outcomes to the story. I found this to be a very entertaining and exciting way to tell a story and Run Lola Run does a great job of doing that. Run Lola Run also used a split screen to show what is happening to Lola and her boyfriend Mani are doing at the same time. The main theme of this film was the importance of time. Run Lola Run shows how one event can create a whole new set of outcomes for the future. The main conflict in the story is that Mani needs to collect 100,000 marks in 20 minutes. The story follows Lola has she rushes to try and collect the money for Mani. The movie follows three different attempts by Lola to collect the money and save Mani. There is also a really cool sequence of Lola running that is animated and used through the film in the beginning of each “run”.  The animation is a recurring theme in the film and sets up the beginning of each “run”.




3 thoughts on “Run Lola Run

  1. I really enjoyed this movie! I thought the use of the split screen was really interesting! I also really liked the animation they put in throughout the movie. It really made me think of time in a different way. Great job!


  2. Hi there. I like all the key-points in your review, I would have mentioned many of the same things if I were to review it. Although maybe for your next review you might want to split up your review in different paragraphs. I’d suggest an introduction paragraph, then talk shortly about the content/story of the film and then move into how it’s being told (use of narrative, cinematography, editing and sound) and then round it off by summing up the most important message of the film.


  3. This film definitely has a lot of repetition, however there are slightly different instances each run. I like when it told the story of all the people she encountered while on her run. I was trying to connect a theme within each sequence that happened to the people, but I could not find one they all seemed random. I was very surprised when she went to rob her dad and held them at gunpoint. I guess Lola will do anything for the love of her life. The intimate scene of Manni and Lola was also interesting to watch as they discussed if they died, which is ironic because it happened in some of the outcomes. That scene had very low lighting and focused on the emotions of their face and the intensity of the scene.


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