The Jungle Book

Live-action movies are always taken with caution, audience members ready to tear apart months of hard work in less than two hours. Though I was skeptical to watch this 2016 version of my childhood I gave it a shot. One of the hardest things to do when remaking a movie is balancing the old artistic choices with the new ones. This movie opens in the jungle(obviously) with Bagheera narrating the story of this “man-cub”.

Something that this movie did differently was that it played with reality more, leaving behind the cartoon style. Each animal is CGI but it perfectly reacts and flows like a real animal would. Even the voice actors worked their words and phrases into ways that matched the animal. The contrast between animal and human seems to be the focus of this film. Shere Khan(a vicious tiger that has made it his mission to kill all humans) threatens to kill every wolf if they don’t give him the “man-cub”. Out of love for his pack, Mowgli(the “man-cub”) decides to leave and keep them safe. Although his journey doesn’t go as planned and he meets several different types of animals along the way.

Everywhere Mowgli goes he is faced with a choice between his two worlds, animal or man. In the original the deeper meaning is lost behind all the flashing lights and crazy songs but in this newer version the message isn’t lost. The message of finding balance in our animal-self and human-self is going to benefit us most in the end. This movie spoke to me and not only did it satisfy my child self but also my adult self. This reboot is a great reminder of valuing family and our differences among them. A+ disney, you did not disappoint!


4 thoughts on “The Jungle Book

  1. I watched this newer version of the Jungle Book on the plane going to Hawaii and I was also super skeptical. I guess most young adults are skeptical when someone makes a newer version of a childhood memory that causes a meltdown of nostalgia. But I did watch it anyways, and I agree that it is pretty well made. Although, I, in contrary to you, didn’t get the message as easily as I did in the old Disney version. It was entertaining enough for me, but at the same time I had that “oh they ran out of ideas and had to do a re-make”-feeling which was quite unsatisfying. But other than that, I think the actor/voice performances did well with the CGI animals. Not an A+ from me but maybe a big B.


  2. I had such hight expectations of The Jungle Book and i was incredibly disapointed. Even though they made the animals very realistic, they kept Moglie the same, clumsy, goofy kid from the cartoon who would have zero chances of surviving in the wild. They should have made him more of a wild boy (like Tarzan).


  3. I thought I would comment on this since I just watched this movie too. (I was surprised to see it on Netflix.) I have to agree with you that I liked the movie a lot and thought it did a great job of balancing the old with the new. It’s funny how I hate singing in movies, but I make an exception for Disney movies. Again, I really liked this movie and I thought it did a great job of highlighting how we must embrace ourselves for what we are.


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