The heart warming story of Rocky Balboa is one all must know or face the wrath of the cinema gods. In all reality those movies tell a really well done movie that reminds us all that our origins don’t control our destinations. To no surprise it was decided to reboot the classic movie, a task done by many and succeeded by few. Rarely is a reboot highly acclaimed(though it does happen), and all hardcore fans are usually skeptical.

Coming from a perspective that hasn’t seen all Rocky movies, I say my opinion was pretty unbiased. I decided to give this movie a shot for my friends because she said it was really good. I had no hopes or fears but simply watched this random movie. Well I was pleasantly surprised to find a inspiring heroes quest. This plot floored me on its authenticity and cinematic quality. Not only did each shot appeal to the emotion but it had a purpose for every angle. Just slightly edging in a poster of the main characters father, Apollo Creed, casting what seems to be a looming shadow over his son. Although the circumstances in the movie were slightly rushed and unmotivated to much, the story line held itself together strongly leaving me feeling inspired and content.

For almost two and half hours the movie was well worth the watch. I find the rebooting classic movies can only truly be done if they take on their own image. Rather than trying to recreate the old classics they adapt to the newer outlooks and technology to create something entirely new. Even if it isn’t a completely original idea, it was a fantastic salute to the original Rocky’s.


2 thoughts on “Creed

  1. I agree with you on this movie. I liked it a lot and I am a big Rocky fan. I like how you said “rather than to try to recreate the classic, they adapted to the newer outlook and technology to create something new.” That was really true. I wasn’t sure how they could really make a good movie about Apollo’s son, but they did. On top of that, they gave it a really modern feel. The fights were shown just as we would see them on HBO today. Michael B. Jordan was also always wearing the newest Jordan clothes as well (which is a complete other blog idea on modern movies and advertisement). All in all, I thought this was a great modern add on to a great classic.


  2. Awesome Creed analysis blog!
    I was pleasantly surprised as well when I went in not expecting much and turned out very impressed. The cinematic effects and camera angles also impressed me. Incorporating close ups of raw emotion and aggression, draws the audience in and makes them feel a part of the fight. It’s very hard to make a sequel to many classics, but agreeing that if you take your own spin to a new story off the original, if done right, is a recipe for success. Thank you for sharing! Loved this post!


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