This modern classic is a fascinating tale about the rise and fall of an ambitious gangster, fantastically directed (and edited) and told in a most brutal way by Martin Scorsese, with many memorable moments and a remarkable performance by Joe Pesci, who steals the show. From the beginning the film has you left feeling hungry for pasta and cigars. Okay, maybe not so much the cigars but you get the picture.

A modern gangster film, bringing attention to a whole genre. The curious thing about this movie is that it left me intrigued by the mystery of “why?”, why was I watching? The movie kept you interested just enough without revealing much. Just watching this guy’s crazy life is enough to satisfy our monkey brains. I have never personally been a huge fan of gangster movies but this one caught my attention specifically.¬† The idea to tell the story in a “Wonder Years” format using one of the best soundtracks ever was a stroke of genius and the post modern conclusion was the perfect way to end the story. Overall I thouroghly enjoyed this movie and it opened my mind to a whole new genre.


3 thoughts on “Goodfellas

  1. Wow this was such a great post! Very well written. I have started to really enjoy gangster films as I have started seeing more. I wasn’t a huge gangster film fan, or so I thought, but I agree great movie!


  2. I like your short review, in contrary to the many long reviews you find on cinema blogs like this one. Although, I wonder, what do you mean by “Wonder Years” format?
    I have only watched the ending myself, and you got me a bit more excited for watching the whole deal. Thanks.


  3. I agree that this movie kept me asking “why?” but more of “why is it not finished yet?!” To me, Goodfellas was way too long, but was still interesting in that it showed Henry’s entire life, like you said. Another element of the movie that I think justified the length was the concept of like or hate. Throughout the movie, you’re constantly thrown between liking or hating Henry. His father beat him but he had his gangster family. Just when you think he’s not so bad a person, he goes and cheats on his wife than beats her up.


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