Past the Point of No Return

Hey all! Just fair warning there will be spoilers in this post.

This time I want to talk about musicals, specifically The Phantom of the Opera kind of musical. Why, you might ask? It’s because I have been trapped in my room for the past weekend watching the 25th anniversary at The Royal Albert Hall version of TPOTO (The Phantom of the Opera).

(A little side trackage here)

This past Thanksgiving weekend I have had my phone stolen from me and that got me really depressed. When I’m depressed I tend to watch my favorite movies and listen to my favorite music, which happens to be TPOTO.

I love TPOTO because it showcases the dark and the twisted love that I am captivated with watching. It’s not a typical “pure” love story, although Christine does end up choosing the “good guy”. However the plot is filled with evil and bad intentions and a twisted, obsessive love-sick villain, which is the best formula for a great film. BUT THERE’S ALSO MUSIC (cause it’s a musical) AND THAT MAKES IT 23,743,986,428 TIMES BETTER.

First of all, the Royal Albert Hall version was so detailed that you can’t fault it. The orchestra was prime. Costumes were custom made for each character, for each scene, for each extra. Many of the back drops were also custom and made to seem like we were truly either immersed in a scene or a part of an actual opera house. They even managed to incorporate the audience in Christine’s aria “Think of Me” as a part of the screen to make believe that when the “curtain dropped” we were seeing backstage instead of the performing stage she was just on. The whole production flowed seamlessly.

Secondly, the beautiful voice of Sierra Boggess was on point for Christine Daae. The sharp, high notes were hit on the mark, her voice carried this haunted and yet youthful spring to it when needed. A wonderful actress that was gifted with a beautiful voice. And Phantom! Ramin Karmiloo was the best kind of toast to her jelly. His voice was deep yet it also carried her voice into heaven. I love the songs that the two of them sang together (note the title to the blog) and they complemented each other perfectly for the duo of Christine and Phantom.

Lastly, I’d just like to say that even though I am not in love with the ending of the original play Andrew Lloyd Webber loved this story so much, he ended up writing a “sequel” called Love Never Dies. BASICALLY, it’s a fan-fiction that Webber wrote that got my OTP (one true pairing) to have a kid together, therefore implicating that they are a couple. I do love TPOTO but I love the characters more than I love the story.


2 thoughts on “Past the Point of No Return

  1. Okay, I’m going to take a moment to fan girl with you over Phantom of the Opera. Also, if you like Phantom, I’m guessing (or more hoping) that you are also a fan of Moulin Rouge.

    I think the way in which Phantom of the Opera (the movie version) and Love Never Dies meshes together is perfect. Love Never Dies is even more haunting than Phantom (especially alone at night in a dark room). I don’t think Love Never Dies is necessarily a fan fiction but more of “what the hell happened?” If you watch the movie version, you’ll notice that Raul visits Christine’s grave. There is a lot of missing time that must be accounted for and Love Never Dies fills in those holes. The only downsides of these shows are that you need to have read enough of the book as well as watched the movie to understand the real story line.

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