As you can tell, if not don’t feel bad, this is going to be about Harry Potter the damn boy who lived. Based off of a novel by J.K. Rowling about a boy who lived his childhood in a cupboard under the stairs and suddenly was told he’s probably the most famous wizard in Britain, and that his parents did not die in a car accident. The books are a treasure on their own, but the movies? A work of art and a great family film to torture the people in your life with, with 10 plus hours of films and behind the scenes special editions.

(If you can’t tell, I have done this to my poor fiancé. Multiple times.)

I am awed at the dedication the producer, David Heyman, had to stay true to the books. He literally sat down with Jo (the author of HP) and kept her in the loop of the entire works. She was asked to be talk to the script writer, to explain how Hogwarts looked to the set designer and visual designer Stuart Craig. She helped jumpstart the first film to take off. And boy was it a big one, $317.6 million from a $125 million budget!

I have been obsessed with the HP series since I was eight; I know it’s a late start for someone who was born when the books came out. I was first introduced to the series through the movies being shown on ABC Family one holiday season. Ever since I have been hooked! It’s a fascinating concept and engaging storyline! Evil, yet not that evil, villains and characters that are even worse than the villain itself. (I’m pretty sure we all know who. Think PINK.) Heroes that aren’t clear and flawed. UGH I love this series.

The movies were a work of art. Honestly, I didn’t even think that the hippogriff was CGI-ed. I literally thought, “Did they put wings on a horse?” I thought they BUILT the Hogwarts castle and quidditch pitch. Not once did I think it was all fake and stuff. Funnily enough it was due to Harry Potter that I started having a serious interest in movie making. By chance I saw a behind-the-scenes special and I was mind-blown. Ever since I’ve been watching commentaries and documentaries of film making.

So by now I’m pretty sure you know why I titled my blog what it is. Due to my extreme interest of this series and how it kickstarted my interest in film making, I have spent a lot of money towards my hobbies. A LOT OF MONEY, and that is why he is The Boy Who Ruined My Wallet.


4 thoughts on “The Boy Who RUINED MY WALLET

  1. I loved this post. I’m a huge Harry Potter fan as well so it’s always fun to see other big fans too. I’ve never really thought about the filming of Harry Potter either, but when I do think about it-it’s pretty unbelievable. All of the editing that they did to make everything seem so real is awesome. I’ve never once watched a Harry Potter movie and thought that something looked fake (and that says a lot considering most scenes include magic, magical beings, or giant monsters). Lastly I have to say that Harry has taken quite a bit out of my pocket as well. From them park tickets to movies and books, I’ve felt it-but I don’t regret it.

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  2. I absolutely love this! From the catchy title to the passionate depth of context put into this blog. Such a great read!
    I am a fellow Potterhead myself and the fact that they spent so much time and money into making these stories come to life is mind blowing. I actually heard a fun fact that the CG-I designers of the dragons from the fourth movie, studied lizard and rooster mannerisms to create these mystical creatures on the big screen. That is probably why they are so realistic, due to the fact that they studied real animals very closely to bring something unreal to life. Even though “the boy who lived” has costed me a pretty penny, it still been one the best investment I’ve made by never seizing to impress and captivate me.


  3. I agree completely, the makers of the Harry Potter series are seriously amazing because even if you know something isn’t real, you are still able to admire all the hard work and effort they put in to create creatures and an entire world that doesn’t really exist. They did an amazing job of bringing the books to life and actually popularizing the series. I would’ve never known about, let alone considered reading the huge chapter books if there weren’t the movies to illustrate the amazing work that went into the story line itself. This is definitely a great series to get hooked on. I admire the world of film making so much more because of amazing projects like this one.


  4. Completely understand everything you’re saying! The Boy Who Kept Me Awake For Countless Nights, The Boy Who Had Me Waiting For My Hogwarts Letter, and The Boy Who Will Always Live In My Heart. The Harry Potter books and films have meant so much to me throughout my life, and still do. I honestly think there is something seriously wrong with anyone who doesn’t like Harry Potter. I’m not a very violent person, but if someone says “I didn’t really like the movies…” I get abusive tendencies.
    What I especially love about Harry Potter is how we grew with him. We all started as little kiddos, struggling with bullies and wondering who we are. As Harry grew, we grew. Together with Harry, we flunked a test for the first time, fell in love, experienced loss, and developed ourselves. Harry is flawed but perfect in his imperfection, just like everyone of us. And this makes him the perfect companion that we were very lucky to grow up with.


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