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Most people commonly mistake the director as the author of the film because that is the person who is most commonly associated with the film. It simply takes too long to mention the executive producer, who is in charge of the entire film, location manager, script supervisor, 1st assistant director (AD), 2nd AD, production designer, Director of Photography (DP), sound designer, editor, music director and the rest of the crew that work under these guys. The director holds most of the creative design power, but the DP also holds a significant amount of creative power and is probably more significant than the director. The DP makes the magic happen with lighting, camera positions, lens choice, focus and is in charge of everything visible on screen. The story line would not exist without the script supervisor. The script supervisor is technically the author of the film in regards to writing.  He paints the picture of the story using written words for the director to interpret using his own unique artistic vision. Everyone from the executive producer down to the production assistants, craft services, and catering have a vital role in the movie making process to keep the cameras “rolling.”





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