Bicycle Thieves


Antonio Ricci, a father that recently becomes unemployed is an example of the hardships endured in Italy after the depression. After receiving a chance at work, to hang up posters, his bicycle is stolen. The bike is a key factor to get out and about to do his job, so without it begins the rest of the movie set out to find his bike. After looking for the bike throughout the city, he spots the boy that stole it in the middle of a downtown. Being told “you’ll find the bike quickly, or not at all” by a fortune teller he goes after the kid, believing in the sign that he found the way back to his bike. Instead he ends up looking like a liar due to lack of witnesses proving how he knows that was the thief of his bike, and even more after we discover the boy is suffers from seizers. The film ends with the man and his son sad and let down, Antonio looks like a bad father for doing anything he can to do his job, and he still ends up losing it. This movie signifies the real harsh realities many people faced during this time.


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