Bonnie & Clyde


The plot of this original gangster film, made in 1967 focuses on Bonnie Parker, a waitress that falls in love with bad-boy Clyde Barrow. Together they become notorious bank robbers wanted throughout the country. From small banks to rich celebrities victims of their robberies. Ending with a brutal shoot out killing both of them instantaneously.

The conventions throughout this film somewhat follow classic structures like the brutal brawl out at the end, but also challenges different ones by making the two heroes (regardless if they are “bad”) a romantic dynamic duo male and female, instead of the two male childhood friends growing up to be partners together. I also think that even though Clyde played the male dominant role from the beginning by getting Bonnie to join his adventures in breaking the law, Bonnie challenged how “down” he realy was by showing signs of strength when it came to fulfilling the mission, example when she didn’t hesitate to kill the man for her money. The settings in contrast to ‘Public Enemy’ wasn’t territorial in regards to the way one stayed in the city and had conflicts within other gangs seeking them out, because in Bonnie and Clyde the couple are traveling countrywide stealing, and at the same time hunted down by government officials.

Overall I really enjoyed this film. (8/10)


2 thoughts on “Bonnie & Clyde

  1. I liked this review, it was short and sweet. I agree with the point you made regarding Bonnie challenging Clyde by how far he was willing to go. It was so funny that he has her pegged as someone who wouldn’t be “game” to go the fullest length required by a gang member. How wrong he was when she proved herself by her actions. But I loved the fact that they were together until the very end.


  2. I agreed that Clyde was the male dominant role, however in bed he was a little insecure. The fact that the couple wasn’t sexually active was a twist I was not expecting. Usually a power couple like themselves that commit crimes together have a very passionate life together including a passionate sex life. However, the fact Clyde wasn’t comfortable with the situation in bed proved that some guys are truly sensitive beyond the exterior of their personalities. I have encountered a couple sensitive guys and they were very in touch with their emotions. Some girls find it attractive, but most girls find ‘bad boys’ attractive. Clyde is in the middle because he definitely a bad guy by robbing banks and killing people, but he is also a little sensitive at times. This makes Bonnie love him even more.


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