Bro-Comedy Abstract

Jayslie Balanay, Kiana Wolfe, Jon Cruz, Sam Campos, David Rowlands

Professor Britos

MULT 2000

22 November 2016

Bro Comedy

There is something about this subgenre of comedy, that is still going strong today. In terms of content, not so much, but the box office returns and by relating real world controversies to funny movies, these are the reasons why the studios keep pushing out movie after movie. The bond between two or more male actors that seemingly only men can find in each other has time and time again kept audiences entertained and awaiting the next bromantic comedy.

Being that Bro-Comedy is a sub genre of Comedy one first must know what comedy itself is. Comedy is a genre of film that highly emphasizes humor. Having the momentum of the scene is meant to carry a joke so that it can land hard. Which is the whole purpose of the film to get people to laugh. Most dialogue in film is meant to carry the plot of the story and further the narrative. Though jokes heavily rely on delivery so most dialogue is meant for the jokes benefit. Most of these types of films conclude with happy ending. Good guy gets the girl, has his dream job, and be-friends the bully. Where most actors come for Film School or Acting University, actors come from comedy originate in stand-up Comedy or Improv like Chris Rock. Where they decide to become actors, rather than train for it.

Focusing on key elements within the popular buddy films, the root of these movies is an emphasized friendship. The inimitable bond that men can only find in each other, to do what boys do with each other like escape the responsibilities of adulthood to re-living the immaturity of adolescence. The antagonist is usually the one calling the friendship into question, whether that be a female love interest, rival “bro” or time itself. Protagonist will act out due to the actions of the antagonist, and the audience will celebrate the “bad boy” behavior because Hollywood has set out these movies to have a happy ending. Our heros are naughty, but good hearted (Mark Wahlberg in Ted, Seth Rogen in The Interview).  Overall the theme of friendship remains the heart of the story.  

Bro-Comedies have become increasingly popular post 2000. A small group of actors have risen to the helm of this genre of movies. This group includes  Ben Stiller, Jack Black, Owen Wilson, Luke Wilson, Will Ferrell, Vince Vaughn, and Steve Carell.  In 2004, the USA Today named this group the “Frat Pack” and it has stuck with them since. Over time, the Frat Pack has grown and more actors have been considered a part of it. James Franco, Seth Rogen, Mark Wahlberg, and more have been added to this group of actors. Dodgeball, Step Brothers, Anchorman, Step Brothers, and more are all Frat Pack Movies.

Those who critique the genre as a whole say that the genre is politically incorrect and insensitive. They think that the movies do more bad than good and the jokes that they make are highly offensive. Challengers to those critiques basically say you know what you are getting before you watch it. You cannot sit down for a screening of “The Hangover” and expect it to be politically correct. On top of that, they sometimes aren’t politically correct because they are meant to challenge the status quo. That is a major component to these movies. So asking them to be politically correct is almost taking away their identity.

The importance of Bro-Comedies are mainly focusing on Bromance, the joys of male bonding, not being homosexual, and to make people laugh. Bromance is a mixture of “brother” and “romance”. It is between two guys that have common interests. The point of bromance is to have a close guy friend that is similar to a brother to form a strong association with them. This way they can enjoy they thing they love together. The joys of male bonding are when people see celebrity friendships because it changes their lives. They see 2 male actors forming a bond thats unbreakable and it makes the audience want the same bond. Another big point about Bro-Comedies and bromance isn’t to be homosexual. They aren’t trying to make fun of gay men. The 2 men symbolize a strong bond being formed with someone they see as their brother. And brothers will do anything for each other. The most crucial part of Bro-Comedies is to make people laugh. In the end the ultimate goal is to make the audience laugh. Bro-Comedies consist of a lot of immaturity but that’s just boys being boys. Watching boys do stupid things brings happiness to the audience because that’s the humor of our generation. And as long as the audience is satisfied, then the movie did its job.


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