Forget about Team Edward, Go Team Darcy


The Twilight saga is one of the hugest franchises that has led to the development of teams: Team Edward and Team Jacob.  When making way through the movie, one needs to be in a certain degree of numbness.  The pace of the movies and books is unnaturally slow, not to mention that the storyline is intensely vague (leading to the development of a ginormous fan fiction base with stories better than the original).  Seriously, I tried watching Eclipse when I was sick one day and ended up turning it off within ten minutes.  The Twilight story is jokingly noted as being able to fill one book.  I can do you one better, by fitting it in one word: Stupid.

Forget about this idiotic Team Edward and Team Jacob, go for Team Darcy (just look at that smolder).  Neither of these bozos, Edward and Jacob, are human. One guy sparkles like a fairy (real men do not sparkle) the other one is a dog (getting your loving in with a dog is called bestiality, children).  Fitzwilliam Darcy is a real human that is quite wealthy and owns most of Derbyshire.  He’s also quite compassionate over his betrothed, Elizabeth.  Wouldn’t you want a real man that takes care of his woman rather than constantly want to suck her blood?

The Pride and Prejudice movie featuring Kiera Knightly is one of my all-time favorite movies.  I can constantly re-watch this movie while holding a steady stream of comments (I love the book as well so I do a bunch of comparing).  The main part of this movie that really pulls it together is the music.  There is a piano motif that plays in the background as well as other baroque style pieces.  The mood of the movie is intensely reliant on the music, particularly emphasizing certain bits of drama and building to a theatrical climax.

After watching the movie so many times, I have many favorite scenes as well as certain things that bother me.  There is a part in the movie where Darcy and Elizabeth are dancing together at the Netherfield ball prior to them dating.  Elizabeth did not like Darcy because of his prejudice and Darcy did not like Elizabeth because he was too proud (and also said she is “not handsome enough to tempt me”).  This scene had them dancing but as they were spinning, the people in the room disappeared, emphasizing how they were physically close but still so far.

The one element that drives me completely nuts is the harpsicord vs piano mix ups.  The soundtrack for this movie was recorded on a piano, but throughout the movie all you see are harpsicords.  The actress who plays Georgianna, Darcy’s sister, plays part of the piece on a harpsicord in the movie, but it sounds like a piano because that’s what they used for recording!  The whole time the piano motif is going on in the background but the harpsicord was the instrument of the time.



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