Henry Hill an Italian-American gangster portrays the story of how he lives day to day life as a member of the Mafia. Based on a true story, the story revolves around Henry and his two friends as they club their way up from petty crimes to violent murders. The movie has a consistent sarcasm to it and I think that adds to the modernism of the new age gangster film. Especially when main character, Henry turns to the camera at the end. Speaking of the end, it doesn’t stay within classical conventions because the “bad guy” doesn’t die. Instead he snitches on the rest of the mob, and enters his family into the Witness Protection Program. Henry is in the full frame panning out to reveal his picket-fence-happy-ending, picking up a newspaper “I get to live the rest of my life like a shmuck”.


I really enjoyed this film (9/10)


One thought on “Goodfellas

  1. First of all, the picture you headed this with is amazing! That line is so epic. I also liked that you said this movie was filled with sarcasm, I thinks thats why it was such a comical movie for everyone. This film was out of the norm by making the bad guys seem like good guys, as you said “it doesn’t stay with classical conventions”. Great blog post! Thanks for sharing!


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