Side By Side and The End of Film

For the last hundred years, the only way to shoot a movie was by using film cameras. Directors have put out great movie after great movie over the years using film. The process for develop31side-jumboing a film movie is quite long though. First, the movie is shot in a studio with a film camera. Next, the film must be shipped to a lab where it can be developed. In this stage, the film can be damaged and ruined, but it is unlikely. After it is developed, it is then sent to editors who do things like cut the film and other editing processes. After this whole process, the director can see his creation.

In the last 20 years, a new way of producing films has come about. This way is by using digital cameras. Digital cameras allow the director to see what he has filmed seconds after it is filmed. It can be edited seconds later as well. This gives directors a very big advantage over film. Digital cameras also allow actors to relax. Film cameras use literal film for every shot, so when they are rolling it is important that the actors don’t make any mistakes and waste film. With digital films, they can relax because a mistake isn’t wasting anything. All of these advantages and more were talked about in “Side by Side”. Many directors believe that film will die out very soon, but there are still many directors that only use film. These directors feel more comfortable using the traditional film and they believe that film movies look better. In my opinion, they are hanging on to a lost cause. Digital cameras are the future because they make things much easier and directors need to start using digital. There is nothing wrong with film camera movies, film just makes the entire movie making process more difficult and it’s unnecessary.


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