Movie Making: The Experience

Holy shoot, I just finished putting together a short film for this cinema class in place of the final paper. Honestly I never thought that one of my scripts would ever come to life, even a small school project. It is like a dream come true, yet still slightly disappointing. I wish I had the skill and the equipment to get EXACTLY what was in my head when I wrote the story.

I never thought it would be so grueling and time consuming to make a short film. Just the filming process was a mountain. Given with all the BTS and documentaries I watch about movie making, you would think I would have understood what I was getting into, but I was still swamped with the process of making and finishing it up.

My first trial with this project was editing my original script into something that could be easily done and low budget. When I had written the script two years ago I never thought that I would ever be filming it. It was exciting, but I had to change up the original plot due to a drastic change in setting and time. I got it done, but it killed me to change my characters and the story I had written for them. Thankfully I only changed the version for filming and kept the original draft with my originals.

My second trial was explaining how the characters had to be portrayed. Given that our team wasn’t a professional crew for filming, we get an A for effort. They weren’t professional actors, they weren’t even interested in acting, but they agreed to be a part of the film because it was a fun idea. Originally we had people in the drama class that agreed to be a part of the film, but due to scheduling conflicts they had to decline in the end.

The last and most tiring trial was the post editing process. I am blessed and thankful for having such a great team, they were true sports and edited the whole thing themselves. The end result was amazing for a school project done with no money. I only helped out with the soundtrack and music. They were put through about two weeks of looking at themselves and edited ALL of the footage we had.

All in all this was a fun experience, but I wouldn’t want to do it again unless I really knew exactly what I was doing.


2 thoughts on “Movie Making: The Experience

  1. Wow, this really gives some interesting insight and well learned lessons about filmmaking. I have to agree with you about everything. It is so difficult to handle all of these situations and keep everything in order. I saw your film and i thought it came out really swell. You guys did a lot of great work and it definitely shows. Especially with the script. That is no east task to accomplish and yo had a whole pilot’s worth!

    I too have been working on film projects this semester. Using the equipment provided by the school really limits the quality of a production that can be achieved. Also like you, I found the hardest thing to do when working with a group was getting your vision understood by cast and crew. You can get exactly what you want working alone, but on a bigger project like this, it is really difficult not to have help. I now wonder how Hollywood directors pull off some of the films they create and how some do it over and over again!


  2. i enjoyed your movie. i thought the acting was the best part of it. the director really did a good job with performance. the actors were really committed to immersing themselves in the roles and it shows. good job!


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