The Piano

“The Piano” is as peculiar and haunting as any film I’ve seen.

It tells a story of love and fierce pride, and places it on a bleak New Zealand coast where people live rudely in the rain and mud, struggling to maintain the appearance of the European society they’ve left behind. It is a story of shyness, repression and loneliness; of a woman who will not speak and a man who cannot listen, and of a willful little girl who causes mischief and pretends she didn’t mean to.

This artistic rendition left a sorrowful taste in my mouth that left my feeling fulfilled in the most empty way possible. This woman has a peaceful life ruined by society’s notion of marriage and not love. She loses everything she holds dear but still clings to life, having hope that happiness is still possible. This movie has a realistic ending, a non happy ending, where she has accepted love into her heart but cannot ever be full again after losing her piano. This tale touches on many topics, including but not limited to, woman’s rights, New Zealand natives, relationships, etc.

I truly enjoyed this movie and loved the music and cinematography. A real treat to the mind and eye. I was fully intrigued the entire time! Will be watching again in the future.


2 thoughts on “The Piano

  1. In the first paragraph when you said it was about a woman who will not speak and a man that cannot listen, I hit realization. Although the man couldn’t actually hear her because she was mute, he also didn’t attempt to get to know her at a deeper level of connection. He just wanted her to be happy so he can use her for his own benefit. He thought that just because they couldn’t communicate normally, there was no way to get to know her. The part at the end when she lets the rope catch her foot and she flies into the water with it, was breath-taking. I thought for sure that was the end of the movie and she was going to die with her piano. It made sense that if the piano died, so did she. However, the director tricked us and showed us a happy ending where she appears happy with her daughter and the husband she actually cares for.


  2. You describe the setting so well it was like there were snapshots of the movie passing by in front of me while I read this post. I chuckled a bit when you described Flora as mischievous and willful, because she truly is.
    While you felt and empty fulfillment from the ending I felt like the ending was similar to the feeling of knowing that this isn’t what you wanted it to be, but you surrender to it because you can’t change it.


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