Final Film Project Synopsis: Alex Berry, Jenna Caballero, Jackie Tran, Nate Petraitis

This project is a mock Mystery-Romance TV series. Specifically it is an opening pilot/teaser episode, so although it won’t have a conventional “ending” it’ll leave the audience with wanting more. This dramatic series takes place in a modern timeline, with a look into the depths of two large companies.

In the Auro and Xylec companies, evil lurking behind the scenes. The previous Xylec CEO, Leonidas, has been murdered at the hands of Dia’s(the CEO of Auro) brother, Dominic, a jealous good-for-nothing that is shrouded in his brother’s shadow. Dia and Alexander(the new Xylec CEO) are working together to form an alliance between their two companies. In this episode Alexander has come to attend the annual Auro Spring Equinox Gala to help expose Dominic’s evil ways.

As Alexander comes to avenge his father’s murder, at the same time his estranged fiance Rosalina, Dia’s daughter, is also trying to weed out the pests in her family’s company after her mother and god-father (Xylec’s pervious CEO: Leonidas) died in the same staged car accident. She and her brother, Erron, know it was their evil uncle that murdered them. Together they formed the family’s secret service into a hard working team, called the Thornes, that will aid them in their journey to finding the truth behind the murder. Erron, being the other half of the Thornes, takes on the black market from the front lines while Rosalina and Alexander agree to publicly separate.

Five years since their deaths, Dia has been re-married to a woman named Lina and she quickly gets along very well with her new family. To the rest of the family, Rosalina has since become a recluse that doesn’t leave her room other than to go sit in her garden. Unaware to her family the garden has become her place where she has been working nonstop to expose her uncle. While Rosalina plots, Erron has been training under their father to takeover the company when he turns of age.


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