The Miyazaki Movement

Studio Ghibli Animation Team: Jenna Caballero, Jacqueline Tran, Alexandra Berry, Nathaniel Petraitis, and Meg Paraguya

Presentation Abstract

Who is Hayao Miyazaki?

Known as one of Japan’s greatest animation directors, Hayao Miyazaki is an incredibly talented and successful Japanese film director, producer, screenwriter, animator, author, and manga artist. Some might even call him Japan’s “Walt Disney.”


There are several strong themes that are present in most of Miyazaki’s work. One theme is that most of his movies include having a strong female lead, which is interesting to know that Miyazaki has the ability to see things from a female’s point of view and get into that kind of mindset. Another theme involves being naturalistic and focusing on the importance of nature. Many of the films are good at bringing the issue of pollution to the audience’s attention and conveying the sustainability message of the importance of keeping the Earth clean because we need it to survive, along with presenting the power that nature holds. The last theme we chose to include is how the films feature complex characters. Unlike typical animation films that may have underdeveloped characters with crazy story lines, Miyazaki is great at doing the complete opposite, which some might agree can be more interesting than the reverse.


Differences between Studio Ghibli and other animated productions (Disney), household names, Love stories.


Cultural, Message of story, how it influences other animations.


Economic value, humble (doesn’t boost Studio Ghibli, boosts movies and success), fans, other companies/merchandise, box office


Do Not do only movies, live action adaptations, Why movie A is more successful than movie B, relatable.


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