Izzy Intro

The Cat above is my kitty BeBeBelle. Hi I am Isabella but I go by Izzy. I am a 22-year-old girl and have grown up here since I was little. Well, I am currently attending school at Hawaii Pacific University to get a degree in Multimedia production.

When I am not working, and studying I enjoy the little things. Taking selfies with my cat, getting a good bowl or ramen, and relaxing outside on a cool night.

I am known to be a hard worker and get things done. However, I am told I am easy to work with and got a good sense of humor.

I have made a few videos, music pieces, movie reviews and varied other work you can find on my site (Which I had to make for another class) I keep it well updated MySite. My grammar and spelling are all over the place so don’t mind me.


3 thoughts on “Izzy Intro

  1. Hey Izzy! I love your website. And yes you do have a great sense of humor and yes you get things done, unlike me. Also I love the pictures of your cat, BeBeBella is such a cute name.



  2. Loved the overall design and flow you got going on with your website. I am jealous lol! Also thought your claymation video with Fireflies by Owl City was too cute, just like your cat haha!


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