Modern Media Systems Intro – Ronnie Simpson


My name is Ronnie Simpson, and I am 31 year old student at Hawaii Pacific University. I am pursuing a degree in Integrated Multimedia. After high school, I served in the Marine Corps in Iraq, and was eventually injured in combat and medically retired. Afterwards, I moved to California where i began sailing and surfing. Working in the sailing industry as a  yacht rigger, sailing instructor, professional sailor, delivery captain and racing yacht preparateur, I began writing for a local sailing magazine in San Francisco. Over the course of five years, my identity as sailor focused to being a sailor and a writer. Having now traveled the world as a sailing journalist and been published in several large outlets, I have decided to utilize my GI Bill benefits and return to academia to pursue skills that would complement the writing skillset; hence the Integrated Multimedia degree path.

In addition to sailing and surfing, I have become passionate about travel, adventure and multiple philanthropic causes which include working with wounded veterans, the physically and mentally disabled and preservation of our environment. Obtaining a degree in the Multimedia field, I hope to work in sailing media, covering high-profile racing yachts, record attempts, large sailboat races and do some onboard reporting on fast ocean racing yachts. I also hope to delve into covering other types of water-based events such as surfing and paddling, while eventually breaking out of my shell and covering environmental and political issues. After I graduate, I plan to take my 34-foot sailboat on an extended cruise, potentially around the world, focused on finding good surf.

Everything old eventually becomes new again… Learning how people in the past hasve changed the world can only give us insight on how we may change the world in the future, as aspiring media professionals.  That is why I am most excited about this class.

I am constantly in awe of the beauty of the Hawaiian Islands, and am very happy to be able to live in this amazing place and pursue the opportunities that the islands provide.



2 thoughts on “Modern Media Systems Intro – Ronnie Simpson

  1. Aloha Ronnie,

    You have an interesting background. I have caught the sailing bug as well. I first hiked out on a catamaran hull at the age of 18 while living in Italy and was forever hooked. Sailing on the edge with one hull flying high out of the water while being suspended in a harness is an incredible feeling.

    After that I become hooked with windsurfing and later bought my own Hobie 16′. Years later I moved to The Bahamas and helped a friend sail his 48 monohull. Loved it!

    – CAG


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