Modern Media Systems Intro

This picture is just a project I photoshopped together to create a nice desktop wallpaper a couple years ago but it features my Instagram username. I am currently using it as my profile pic on Instagram.


My name is Jenna Caballero and I am a Sophomore majoring in Integrated Multimedia. I have taken various media and art based classes in the past few years and became interested in Graphic Design, I think, before I even realized what it was. However, I have always been a fairly artsy and creative person, and I seem to be fairly good with technology once I figure out how to use it.

I am from here, born and raised. Only left the island a couple times for short school-based trips to the outer islands, California, and once, my family moved to Nevada for several years (but I was too young to remember most of it, it was before I went to first grade), only to return back to the islands. I went to Castle High School and was a band geek all four years as a percussionist.
I like to do my nails in my free time and experiment with new designs so my hobbies include both nail design and graphic design. Sometimes I will bake cakes, cookies, brownies or other things for fun. I also like to listen to music and experiment with random projects on various Adobe applications or other apps like iMovie.


2 thoughts on “Modern Media Systems Intro

  1. Aloha Jenna, Like you I have always been interested in graphic design, even before I knew it had a name and was a thing as well. I have always been interested in creative arrangements that are appealing to the eye. You seem very artistic with all of your interests. Thanks for sharing.

    – CAG


  2. HI JENNA. I’m in this class because I like to spend time with you and you’re a really good friend. I like it when we talk about everything and nothing and I’m so glad you’ve become one of the reasons I am still in school.
    Much love!


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