Who Am I?

My name is Robert Oehler, I was born in San Diego California. I have lived on Oahu for five years and currently reside in Aeia. My major is Cinematography and I am seeking out a graduate program related to history and/or U.S. Diplomacy. I currently consider myself a writer, videographer and world traveler. My wife and I own our own business Oehler Photography. If you have any interests in traveling the world, you should read our blog from this past year’s adventure – Oehler’s Blog. My future career will lead me in one of two directions, the production of documentaries or teaching at the university level or both.

I enjoy anything on the water, while I have an extreme phobia of open waters, there is nothing like a long distance open water swim. Additionally, I enjoy sailing, I am currently downsizing all of my possessions with the plans of buying a live-aboard sailboat and take on the world. I have a lot of stories but if you want all the full details go to my blog http://www.wanderfullives.wordpress.com start with the one about 10 days in a Chinese Hospital – you might laugh or cry.


One thought on “Who Am I?

  1. Aloha Rob, You have an interesting background. I’m interested in reading your blog post about “10 days in a Chinese Hospital.” I like the idea of being a minimalist and traveling on a boat. What a life! I have friends that live on their boat year around and are currently sailing the Caribbean with their toddler. It seems like an amazing life but one that comes with a few financial risks and sacrifices. The idea of being one “reef bump” away from being homeless is hard to get over for me. Then again, the thought of hearing humpback whales singing through the hull sounds pretty amazing. Thanks for sharing.

    – CAG


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