Introduction – Modern Media Systems

My name is Craig. I am studying Integrated Multimedia to be more well rounded and to help take my interest in film and photography to a more professional level. I strongly believe in continuing education, especially when it comes to multimedia and graphic design as the industry evolves so fast. Advancements in technology today occur in just a matter of months, not years. Keeping up with latest and greatest advancements as it rolls out is a constant challenge.

This year I am taking my interest in underwater wildlife photograph to a new level with two trips planned. The first trip is to Monterey, California to photograph sea lions, otters and harbor seals.

The second trip of the year will be to the Kingdom of Tonga to film and photograph humpback whales. When I am not traveling I focus my time on photographing Hawaii’s turtles, dolphins, monk seals, mantas and sharks.

Having a better understanding of multimedia systems will help me with sharing both still photos and video content.


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