Magnum PI Reaction

After watching Magnum P.I. in class it was clear that there are many themes present in this episode. One of the most obvious was the Vietnam War, as the main character, Magnum, often has flashbacks and references back to his time in the War. This gives the audience an understanding of where he is coming from and why he acts the way he does. It also lets us understand his connection with the military and allows the plot to run smoothly. Aside from the clear military hierarchy, WWII, and the overall War theme, we also get to see a wealthy and fun side of his life. During his mission he enters the Snow Palace, which is in fact code for Cocaine, but the venue itself looks like an esteemed disco. Inside there are many hippies and people partying, which goes along with the residence that Magnum is actually staying at. It is a very wealthy estate with two European bimbos, a guard of sorts and his two dogs, and a Ferrari sports car. This shows the clear contrast between Magnum’s time in the military and his current life, and how good he was at being an entrepreneur and making a life for himself. One of the most prominent themes, however, is of course drugs. This episode focuses on the smuggling of cocaine and the Snow Palace. The episode is specifically called “Don’t Eat the Snow in Hawaii” which is code for Don’t ingest the Cocaine in Hawaii. This is in some ways ironic as Magnum’s friend passes away due to “swallowing cocaine and having it seep into his stomach”.

Overall I found the episode very interesting and it gave me a nice background on what Hawaii used to look like, and what themes could have been possibly occurring. Although the episode is fictional, it is fascinating to see Hawaii then, compared to now. I also found it unusual that the native Hawaiian’s were portrayed as bad guys, as they are usually seen as quite the opposite. However, the use of the ring that refers back to the Vietnam War and the use of music played huge roles in this episode, and would not have been the same without. In conclusion the show was very well thought out, specifically Magnum’s character. The use of music and inner dialogue helped the audience connect with what was going on, and we got to see into Magnum’s risky life that he somehow goes through with a calm attitude.


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