Hello, I’m Butler


My name is Butler Fuqua (few-kway). My major is Integrated Multimedia. I love web design, being able to send out information to a generation, changing the world, miracles, motivation, and dinosaurs.


Where I’m From

Originally, I am from Alabama. I spent the first 18 years of my life in one house before I moved out. It wasn’t bad, the house once belonged to the guy that created Popeye (Tom Sims).

I grew up in Alabama, but I joined the military at 18  years old and ended up ending my service in Virginia. Now, I live in Hawaii and I attend the greatest College in Downtown that offers Integrated Multimedia as a major and has a shark as their mascot.

I moved to Hawaii because Virginia Beach is the worst beach in Virginia, and my wife said she wouldn’t love me unless we moved to Hawaii. Okay, that isn’t entirely true, but it was funny to type.


What I like to do

I like to spend hours daydreaming about changing the world. That may be the most true statement on this post. I also like web design (mentioned above). I started a business making websites for people, and you can view my site here www.butlerfuqua.com


Thanks for reading

I hope that this post has tickled your ears and made you want to be the best you that you can be.

Thanks for reading my post, it is my favorite post. Goodbye I love you.



One thought on “Hello, I’m Butler

  1. Hey Butler,

    That’s so cool that you lived in the house that once belonged to the creator of Popeyes. I’ve actually never been to Popeyes but I’ve always wanted to go, they’re commercials make their food look so good. Also you website for making websites is so cool. I love that interception concept.

    -Alex A.


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