Using the Interweb

Today we have the knowledge of the world at our fingertips. Through desktops, tablets, and phone people have access to the biggest database in the known universe. The internet is always growing and more people using it every day. I personally use the internet for many different things. Being an overworked college student I use the internet mainly to do research for class, check grades/posts teachers send out, and to watch YouTube. All the old ways of keeping in touch and getting information like mail, newspaper, T.V. are all online now. The convergence of all the mass communication are now on some digital media platform. Many people use the internet for work, being connected, and entertainment.  I try to not be on social media because I like the option to fall off the grid if I need to. I do have a few profiles mainly from peer pressure and my parents making me stay in contact with my extended family in some form and this is the only way where I don’t have to actually contact them but where I can say “Yeah mom I stay in contact with Aunt Elena we are friends on Facebook”. The internet is constantly growing and will continue to do so.


2 thoughts on “Using the Interweb

  1. Lol, so true! I also “stay in contact” with my grandparents by being friends on Facebook. Although I might add people as friends on Facebook if I deem them as worthy friends and I don’t want to forget them, I actually rarely ever use it. I just check it from time to time if I’m bored or get an important notification. I used to make status’s until I realized how judgmental my own “friends” could be. Now I just watch videos, like things, and every so often I’ll share something or post a picture of something I did with others. So I can somewhat relate to that part. But I can totally relate to being very reliant on the internet in order to get accomplish school related things. At times when the internet goes out, I’m over there like “well I guess I can’t do my homework” lol it’s almost a little sad but that’s how things go and that’s what happens living in this new technological era.


  2. I love how a platform meant for keeping people connected can be used as an excuse to have no real connection with them. Not that that is always the case, but it is a nice option to have


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