Motivation is defined by the general desire of a person to accomplish something. Additionally, the source of motivation occasionally comes from unlikely places. In less than four months, I will wake up and face what could arguably be my toughest test of my physical endurance that I have ever attempted. In my life, I have faced countless physical challenges, few unintentional, but often deliberate. There is something about challenging yourself to achieve the impossible that keeps you young.

Although some will argue age is a disqualifying factor for endurance sports I challenge that way of thinking and then, I injured both of my ankles – simultaneously. After three days of icing and consuming enough Motrin to kill a water buffalo, a notification buzzed on my watch. This was the first time my Garmin ever notified me of anything. The message was loud and clear “slacker” but who would send such a message and why? A friend and fellow triathlete Danny Freeman was quietly observing my training and noticed I had stopped training.

At first, I felt embarrassed and guilty, but finally motivated. As mentioned before motivation can come in mysterious and unlikely of places. In this case, a friend from High School whom I have barely spoken to in over twenty years possessed the ability to influence me to run three miles and swim another that same day! What motivates one may not work with everybody, although a message sent through Garmin from 4,490 miles away struck a chord. Back on track and running daily, swimming as often as I can and well the bike needs attention. Maybe I need another message Danny!


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