Using the Internet


I use the internet on a daily basis for a variety of things… When I wake up, I usually check my e-mail and social media accounts. Shortly thereafter, I usually check headlines and find out what’s going on in the world. As a waterman, I will then look at the day’s weather, wind, tide and surf reports to decide which equipment I should use to go access the ocean; racing SUPs, surfboards and surf SUPs, free diving or sailing.

On days when I have school, or have homework to do, i’ll usually log onto HPU Blackboard to access my classes and assignments, look at announcements and even turn in assignments. During the process of doing many assignments, i’ll need to use the internet to conduct research or learn new skills via Youtube tutorials.

As I don’t own a television, I see all of my ‘must see’ TV over Youtube or similar video sites. Things such as a major presidential address from former President Obama, viral SNL skits ripping on Trump, episodes of South Park, coverage of sailing races and surfing events, and more.

When I need to download content, whether it’s an app, an e-book or more, i’ll do it using the internet. If a friend and I are looking for a place to eat or a hike to do, or pretty much anything, we’ll often check the internet before doing so, for recommendations.

As a sailing writer and sailing journalist, the internet also allows me to stay up to date on what is happening in the world of sailing, which allows me to do my job remotely. From a remote island in the South Pacific, I can closely follow a world championship regatta in Europe, and be able to create timely content for a sailing magazine in California, and then even get paid for it, literally from the comfort of my own boat.

The internet, while surely having it’s drawbacks, is something that has greatly affected our lives. If the definition of technology is something that makes life easier, then the internet is surely technology in it’s most pure form. One need not remember directions, or even really know anything anymore, as seemingly unlimited information is just mere clicks away via the Internet. I am part of the generation that grew up as the internet came of age, a decade older than many in this room, and a decade younger than a few. I grew up as the internet grew up, and it has impacted my lifestyle accordingly. While I try not to be dependent on anything, and therefore keep my distance a bit, the internet affects me all the time.

Many of you likely had not seen a single image today of a sailboat completely hauling ass. Now, thanks to the internet, you have. You’re welcome.


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