IMG_0262.JPGEveryone, meet Casey Park. She is an 18-year-old freshman at HPU who was born and raised here on Oahu. She is the oldest of three children, all girls, and resides on campus at Aloha Tower, despite her family home being just down the road.

At a young age, Casey discovered her talent and passion for music. Throughout school, she frequently participated in plays and musicals. However, as grade school came to an end and adulthood was on the horizon, she began to shift her priorities with a new interest in mind: advertising and media management. In fact, she’s known what she wanted to do with her career since she was in middle school, stating she took a career aptitude test which placed her in her exact interest.

Although she is focusing on school and work full time, Casey still hopes to partake in community theater from time to time once she is able to get a car. She says music will always be her hobby and passion but doesn’t believe she will pursue it as a career.



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