About Jess

img_7195Hey Everyone! I would like to introduce my classmate Jess who I got to interview and shoot photos with. Jess is from Long Island, New York who is majoring Mass Communications. She enjoys shopping, anything that involves the outdoors, and trying new things. She loves being on stage in front of people and making people laugh. She always follows the latest trends and celebrity gossip, and posting on social media. Traveling is a huge interest of hers, and she never likes staying in one place for too long, wether it be a study abroad, an internship at Disney, or traveling for pleasure. Even though she lives in New York, she definitely does not plan on living there for the future, but rather move out to the west coast after college.

 In the future she dreams to be a talkshow host or an anchor on an entertainment news channel, preferably E! News. She also enjoys anything behind the scenes as well, and dealing with social media. She also possibly plans to work for Disney again in the future, wether it be on ABC or ESPN. Once more she loves entertaining people, and hopes to find a job fulfilling that dream of hers.



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