MMS Introduction

Hi I’m Cécile. I arrived in Hawaii last August. I’m studying general business in France and came here to try to improve my English and discover something new.

In Hpu I have more freedom regarding the classes I can take compared to my French University. That’s why I chose Modern Media System. I think it’s important to know the basis of the subject. It will always be positive for my general knowledge and in my future work.

I really like being on Oahu because I find that there is a lot more to do than back in France. Especially the kind of things I like to do. Here I like to go swimming, hiking, just being outside. In France I can do that but just for a few months when it’s summertime that’s why I was doing a lot of ballet, tried some musical instruments, nothing outside. Furthermore I’m not the biggest fan of winter sports so when the weather is cold over there I don’t really know what to do. I’m not the only one feeling that way, that is why French students love to go to bars and drink a lot of beers during their free time.


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