Duncan Gowdy: A Feature

I endeavored to capture the essence of Duncan Gowdy through both photography and a brief interview. We were standing on Kailua Beach as the sun set, and Duncan was feeling out of sorts. I began with a simple inquiry:

If you could put up a billboard anywhere on earth, what would it say?

D: Hmmm….”Think small of yourself, and large of the world”

W: Great. Wonderful. Now, what was the best day of your life?

D: I don’t want to answer that.

W: Sad! But what class would you teach, if you had to teach?

D: I’m hungry, I want lunch.

W: Please stop avoiding my questions.

D: I guess I would teach a class on movie making.



One thought on “Duncan Gowdy: A Feature

  1. Avoiding questions is one of the best things you can do. Think small of your answers, and largely of lunch.


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