The Internet!!!

The Internet aka. (possibly) one of the most important things in my life.

It’s hard to imagine a life before the Internet as it has become a daily necessity for most people. Whether it be for information or connecting with people, it continues to grow and find reasons to be in my life (and everyone else’s).

I started using the Internet back in 2009 and over the years became more and more reliant. Back then I used it mainly to talk to my friends or play online games, but over time it became a vital part of my schooling and staying in touch with people. I definitely developed a social media addiction along the way, which lasted for a few years, but have recently overcome that.

There is so much accessible and new information out there that can be reached with the snap of my fingers. This is one of the main reasons it’s so great, it’s efficient and useful in most situations. Whether you are lost, checking the bus schedule, researching a subject, or simply messaging your friend across the room, the amount of the things you can do is endless. It has something for everyone, and will continue to grow.

I can’t imagine how much further it will develop, but I am sure the Internet still has a long way ahead of it. Luckily, I got over my addiction, so now the Internet has really just become a tool for me, and I am very grateful to be able to use it so efficiently everyday.


3 thoughts on “The Internet!!!

  1. I am right there with you all would be lost without the internet. I am so co dependent on it for all my school work. Maybe people are depending on it too much now? It is all knowing and constantly grows. Just like the universe!


  2. I agree. The Internet’s easy accessibility is one of the main reasons why I think I can never live without the internet. Not having my phone with me for a few hours gives me anxiety, I need to have that feeling of easy accessibility, and I hate that. When you don’t reply to people they automatically start to think you are ignoring them, because it is expected that everyone is easily reachable. Also I as well had a social media phase where I was all about posting everything and anything I was doing. However, that has subsided for me too, and I rarely post or go on any social media, and I’ve never felt cleaner. Great post!

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  3. I too started off just using it to communicate with friends and play games but now use it as a vital tool to do everything I need to. It’s truly amazing and a little scary how far technology has come over the years. I even noticed as I was growing up that schools were starting to incorporate computers and technology into the education system more and more. It’s definitely good to have these skills with the new era of technology that we are going into, however let’s hope it doesn’t totally consume our lives. Now that I’m more aware of how many people use the internet and technology I notice that I see less kids playing outside after school, probably because now it’s a common thing for them to have phones and tablets at such a young age to keep them entertained when “there’s nothing else for them to do.”


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