How Butler Uses the Internet

Here are a few ways that I use the internet.

Mainly web design, but more on that at the end #suspense


I am always finding out new information. Be it for school, work, or recreation; I almost always start and conclude my research online.


Finding stuff

I guess this could be under research, but more specifically I mean finding stuff like business and recreation. For example, I used the internet today to find a place in downtown that I could get a haircut. Thank you internet!



Believe it or not, I am actually using the internet right n0w to blog. Yep. I am the one that wrote this blog post, and it is published on the internet which is also what you are probably using right now.

I blog for fun, for class, and to bring in business. That brings me to my next point.



I am a freelance website designer and entrepreneur. My online portfolio can be found at …it’s a little bare-bones, but I am going to update it soon. Right now, my time is being dedicated to clients.

I also have a few interesting projects that I will be working on soon, but more on that later…


Taking to you

I like to use the internet to send you a message about how I like to use the internet. Thanks for reading!



2 thoughts on “How Butler Uses the Internet

  1. I think now in days we all are using the internet for the same thing. To get work done. School it’s a must, business it’s a must, and now even keeping in contact with friends and family. I enjoyed your use of hashtags in this 🙂 nice work.


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