The Internet.

Thinking about how I use the Internet I at first thought to myself, “I don’t use the internet that much anymore, other than doing research for class and doing online assignments.” Then I took a second to really think about how I use the Internet, and I realized that I use the Internet every single day. I rely on the Internet, and maybe even a little too much.

When school is in session, I use the Internet multiple times every. single. day. I check my email about ten times a day, and I have about twenty tabs open doing research or looking at references related to my homework. As well, I am constantly on Blackboard and Pipeline. During school I usually reference the Internet for information that I don’t know, or that I need to complete, such as blog posts, PowerPoint’s, and readings. Furthermore, in relation to school and the Internet, the Internet is how my coworkers, our boss, and I communicate. Through Google we create documents and spreadsheets to communicate our availability and keep each other updated with what goes on throughout each day at work. The Internet is another way of communication, as well as an easier way to communicate and make sure everyone is on the same page, ironically.

When I am not using the Internet for something school/work related I am most definitely on twitter and YouTube. I find a lot of my music through YouTube, and I have a few favorite YouTubers that I watch regularly. I also love watching videos about conspiracy theories, video game playthroughs, and short indie films. Twitter is also another site that I have become very drawn towards. I don’t necessarily use twitter for informational purposes, such as the news, as most people do. I follow a lot of poem, philosophy, and photography accounts and I love seeing the content they post. As well, I love to post little things about my day on twitter and songs that I am obsessed with at the moment. It is really cool looking back at my old tweets and remembering moments and reconnecting with old songs that remind me of those specific moments and feelings.

I am not really one to use the Internet for the news, I don’t read the paper online, nor do I follow any news accounts. I know that may seem kind of bad, but I only really reference the internet when I must, or when I want to look up something for inspiration such as poems, outfits ideas, music, and DIY’s.

Technological convergence is the combination of two or more essences, phenomena, or entities. An example of this includes a cell phone that can take pictures, the combination of a cell phone and a camera in one. Another example could be the ability to surf the web on your television. Furthermore, technological convergence targets consumers’ in several ways. For one, it can appeal to those that want the ability to have something “all in one” because of its convenience and it can be cheaper that buying separate products. However, there are still some essences lost with technological convergences. For instance lets look at cell phones with cameras. Although cell phones can take pictures, right now in our day and age cell phone cameras are not as good as DSLR camera. In which sometimes depending on the consumer having separate produced of “phenomenons” could appease that individual consumer more. However, the new iPhone has advanced its new camera more, and possibly over time phone cameras could catch up to DSLR cameras.


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