The Walker Edwards

Walker came to Hawaii just recently knowing little of what life would be here. He was one of my roommates this year, and I had never even met him before.

I remember the first day I moved into the house we were staying in and I met him. Many emotions come to mind when I think back to this day, but by far the one that is most memorable was uncertainty. I was uncertain who this man was, I was uncertain if we were going to be friends or not, and I was uncertain if we were going to be able to live together.


Thankfully for all of us, my uncertainties faded away as we became fast friends. From frolicking around the sandy plains of Kailua beach, to hiking up and down to Ko’olau mountains, all my fears were washed away with salt water and sweat.

Never in my life did I think we would get the privilege of being in a class together, him being a multi media major and me being a biochemistry major. It felt like one of us was a Montague, the other a Capulet and our relationship was destined for a great tragedy. Thankfully, this photography class came along.


We paired up on this portrait photography project, and I set out to truly show the viewer who this Walker character is. I hope when you look at these images, the impact of Mr. Edwards is not lost.


-Duncan Gowdy


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