Haruka :)

Meet Haruka Watanabe!

She is a junior at Hawaii Pacific University from Tokyo, Japan and has has been living in Hawaii for almost three years. Her major is Mass Communication and her career goal is to work at Pez Company and recreate and reboot their advertisements which inspired her when she was younger. I asked her what made her move to Hawaii all the way from Japan. Her number one reason was the weather and being somewhere warm and sunny with beautiful beaches.Her favorite part of growing up in Japan was the tasty food and safe neighborhoods.

We then got to discussing her hobbies and favorite things! Her hobbies include watching Netflix, going to the beach, getting tanned, and eating delicious foods. Her favorite shows are The Office, Misfits, Skins and Ally McBeal and her favorite movie is Almost Famous. Her favorite foods are Thai food and Mexican food.

We talked about our love for traveling and the places we’ve been. Haruka has travelled to three countries outside of the United States such as Canada, Korea, and Australia and she wants to travel to four more countries by next year! We wandered throughout Fort St. Mall and I got some shots of her!img_8944img_8948img_8950img_8954img_8964img_8966img_8969img_8972



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