The War of The World “prank” was the start of media pranks and hi-jinks. They did not mean for it to turn out the way it did but they unintentionally caused chaos and distrust in the media. There have been many publicity stunts on T.V., Radio, and Internet. There have also been just pranks for the fun of it here are a few of my personal favorite stunts most are really lame and hard to think some people believed it. First is “in 1998, Burger King ran an ad in USA Today saying people could get a Whopper specially created for left-handed people.” Second would be the time way back in the day, “New York Graphic claimed on April 1, 1878, when it announced Edison had invented a machine that could convert soil directly into cereal, and water into wine.” And lastly is my favorite the elusive Northwest Tree- Dwelling Octopus. There was even a study over it. “A 2006 study by the University of Connecticut showed that 25 out of 25 web-proficient middle-schoolers fell for the hoax.” All these have been crazy ticks on people through the media. Sometimes the media itself believes in the hoaxes and report them as fact. I think however Welles stunt is the best one because a lot of people believed it and just so much went into making the production.



3 thoughts on “IT’S JUST A PRANK BRO!

  1. Hey Izzy,
    I also talked about publicity stunts in my post as well. I think media today has a new level of pranking that is incomparable to pranks before the internet. I personally think that Welles’s prank wasn’t much of a prank at all because it didn’t truly work. The media’s excessive talk about the prank made it bigger than it really was. Although, I do agree with you that War of the Worlds did sort of spark media pranks. In which has become a very big contender in the media today. Great post!


  2. Just makes you realize that there must be some truly technologically gifted individuals to pull a prank or hoax that is so realistic it even convinces the media. Once the media is onto it, that news can spread like wildfire and create some serious chaos. That’s when things can become dangerous as they take a turn for the worst. Although I thought that Burger King one was pretty funny.


  3. I think pranking should be a highly respected art form. If e-sports are legitimized, with scholarships being awarded to good players, I believe pranking is on the same level. After all, there are some big prank wars between universities.


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